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Ryan Weaver Signature Series Recoil Bait Assortment Bundles

Ryan Weaver Signature Series Recoil Bait Assortment Bundles

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Introducing Lawless Lures' Exclusive Ryan Weaver Signature Recoil Bait Series - Let's Honor & Support Our Heroes!

Are you ready to rock your fishing game while supporting a noble cause? Look no further, proudly made in the USA right in Grenada, MS. We've teamed up with Ryan Weaver, the country music artist with veins that bleed USA, to bring you three exclusive colors in both the 3.25" and 4.25" sizes of the Original, Patented Recoil Bait. These colors are military and hero-focused, just like Ryan himself. 

**Gillie - Dive into the Bluegill World:**
One of the standout colors in the Ryan Weaver Recoil Bait series is "Gillie." Named after Ryan's favorite bluegill coloration, this bait captures the essence of the water and the predator. The name is reminiscent of a gillie suit, and whether you're casting in ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams, the Gillie is designed to entice the most elusive catches.

**Fire Strike - Ignite the Waters:**
Get ready to set the waters on fire with the "Fire Strike" color option. This red beauty, speckled with black flecks, is a hot favorite among anglers. Whether you're exploring the tranquility of ponds or the thrill of raging rivers, this color will make your lure stand out. It's a proven winner in all types of fishing environments and is guaranteed to attract attention and strikes from the most elusive fish.

**Bug Out - A Classic That Never Fails:**
"Bug Out" is a solid take on the classic Junebug color that has dominated Bass Fishing Tournaments for years. It's a timeless choice that has brought victory to many tournaments and remains a go-to option for seasoned anglers. With its rich, dark hues, the Bug Out, named after the bugout bags in the military, will help you stand out in any fishing competition, making it an essential addition to your tackle box.

But that's not all - when you choose Lawless Lures' Ryan Weaver Recoil Bait series, you're also choosing to support a great cause. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to benefit The Warrior Shield Foundation. It's our way of giving back and honoring the heroes who protect our great nation.

Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to rock the waters and make a difference. Get the Ryan Weaver Recoil Bait series today and join us in supporting The Warrior Shield Foundation. Get ready to reel in the big ones with style and purpose!

Pack Options:

The Ryan Weaver Signature Series Recoil Bait 6-Pack Assortment includes two Fire Strike, two Gillie, and two Bug Out Recoil Baits and is available in either a 3.25" or a 4.25" size. It also comes with 3 Bonus Hooks.

The Ryan Weaver Signature Series Recoil Bait 12-Pack Assortment includes two Fire Strike, two Gillie, and two Bug Out Recoild Baits in both the 3.25" and 4.25" sizes, along with 6 Bonus Hooks.

We've even included additional savings for those interested in upping their game or grabbing a pack for a friend! 

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