The only time earning a demerit is a good thing!

Outlaw is our way of recognizing our best, most loyal customers for their loyalty. Collect demerits to rise up the Outlaw ranks, from basic bandit to gangster legend and get special rewards and access to unique experiences.

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    Not a sting operation, promise. We just need to know who you are so we know where to send those demerits.

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    Remember those demerits you were given at school? Well these are completely different - see below for details on how to earn them.

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    No punishments here. Just early access to our newest gear, exclusive swag and money can't buy experiences - see below to learn more.

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  • Annie Oakley

    0-199 Demerits

    Get early access to new products, contests, giveaways and the outlaws community forum

  • Bonnie & Clyde

    200-499 Demerits

    Receive exclusive swag (for you and your Bonnie / Clyde) and a 20% off one time use coupon

  • Jessie James

    500-999 Demerits

    Receive an exclusive Outlaws Club hat and free shipping on all orders over $30

  • Al Capone

    1000+ Demerits

    Get an exclusive Outlaws Club hoodie, founders coaching call + your own custom design lure pack

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