Giving Back

At Lawless Lures we live the outdoors, because we love the outdoors.

We may be rebels, we may celebrate individuality and non-conformity, but we’re proud to share that one thing in common.

Every member of our team, of our community has that outdoors origin story (or five hundred!) and that’s why we love the outdoors, because the outdoors has literally made us who we are today.

Today we aim to use that love of the outdoors to help and inspire people and communities.

Sean's Story

As a kid growing up...

Angela's Story

I was diagnosed with...

  • City of Grenada, MS

    Our home is a formerly shuttered manufacturing plant in Grenada, MS that we took over and revitalized, bringing much needed jobs to the area.

  • St Judes

    St. Jude's treats the toughest childhood cancers and pediatric diseases. We...

  • KT's Kids

    KT's Kids is a not-for-profit organization that serves disabled children and youth who come from Chicago's lowest socioeconomic communities. We sponsor and take part in their annual fishing trip.